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The Guys

As you’re reading each entry, you may notice that I often refer to my own experiences and former boyfriends. I thought it would be helpful to kind of outline each of them.

Obviously, this isn’t a full detail of what happened (I don’t think I could cover 4 years in one page). But this may give you an idea. I may dedicate full entries to each of them eventually.

I do want to say that I probably had the three absolute best first boyfriends. They really were great guys. But they just weren’t right for me. I really wanted each of these relationships to work out, but they didn’t. I’ve said before that I don’t consider myself a relationship expert in any way. But I hope my experiences help you or someone you know find the right person or at least, help figure out what you want.

BOYFRIEND #1 – “One”

Lasted: 11 months

I met One through a friend my first year at college. We started as friends, which later grew to best friends. We were so close. I had never had a boyfriend before, so the break up, to say the least, was traumatic. In the end, he dumped me a month shy of our one year anniversary.

I hear is he has now graduated (with a degree in I don’t know what) and moved to South Korea to teach English.


The gap between One and Two was about 6 months. In that time, I was definitely a single girl, but I had a lot of guys in and out of my life (classmates, acquaintances, friends and then guys who couldn’t handle just being my friend). I haven’t never been the “dating” type of girl, but I think this period was as close as I have ever gotten. There were all very different, and I think I had a lot of similar “first date” experiences during that time.  The series based on my experiences with these guys can be found here.

BOYFRIEND #2 – “Two”

Lasted: 1 year, 6 months

I met Two through a student club. I thought he was smart, interesting and worldly. He was a year older than me, but technically a “5 year senior.” We broke up after 18 months. It just didn’t work out.

I hear he has now graduated (took 6 years) and is now going steady with another girl, a missionary who travels a lot.

BOYFRIEND #3 – “Three”

Lasted: 7 months.. and then 5 months, on and off

I met Three through a summer internship. I was dating Boyfriend #2 at the time. We ended up dating a short while after Two and I broke up. I just turned 21 when I started dating Three. He introduced me to college life, which I had never experienced before. He was just a year older, but he was so experienced. He was smart, motivated and he had this talent of being able to talk to anyone. I admired him.

He ended things after we graduated college. He was unsure of his career plans, so he didn’t want to be tied down. After his internship, he moved back home to my town. I haven’t seen him since he dropped me off at the airport in Philadelphia. To summarize our current relationship: I waved goodbye longingly, and he never looked back.

I am ashamed to say that while I am no longer in love with Three, I am so not over what he did to me.

*Author’s note: (07.26.2011) I used to have fake filler names for each of the Boyfriends, but it got too confusing (as they were fake names). So, I’ve just decided to call them numbers. Please excuse me if I’ve missed any names in previous entries.

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  1. Tofu / Jan 6 2012 1:13 am

    I misread “One” for “The One”

    Maybe instead of numbers, you should call them….The Lawn Gnome, Cheese-pit, and Black Hole.
    I think these are really reflective names, whether it’s based on appearances or the situation you were put through. You should think about it.

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