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Helpful sites

In addition to my own personal experiences, I use a lot of self help sites/blogs/articles as a reference in my blog posts. I also like reading other people’s relationship experiences. They’re usually tragically similar to my situation or simply just a hilarious read.

1. “Relationships Ending: Five Stages of Grief”by Kathryn Vercillo – as seen in my series “Guide to the Stages of Grief.”

2. HelpGuide’s “Coping with a Breakup or Divorce”

3. Modern Love – a series of essays published in the New York Times’ Fashion and Style section. One of my very favorite sites, obviously.

4. If you’re looking for a great breakup playlist, try this 2008 Top 25 Indie Break Up List. I would also listen to Adele’s 21 over and over again until you stop crying (worked wonders for me). And of course, there’s my collection.


But of course, these methods aren’t going to be enough for everyone. Everyone’s situation is different. So, if you need further information or help, you might want to try speaking to a professional or try searching for a local free counseling center or clinic.

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